Meet the Puddledorks

Matthew Milson


Code, Art, and Design

Samantha Milson


Art Direction and Marketing

Puddledock Games is a small husband and wife studio located in Orlando, Florida. Our goal is to create a wide variety of gameplay experiences, learning as much as possible as we go and applying those lessons to future titles. We enjoy developing our games alongside the community, providing regular dev logs and sneak peeks at in-progress work. We believe this is crucial in developing games that are not only fun to make, but fun to play as well.

Matthew is the programmer, lead designer, and a work-in-progress artist for the team. He is forever brainstorming new game ideas to work on in his spare time. Matthew is an industry veteran having spent twelve years working at a AAA studio after graduating with a bachelor's degree in Game Design and Engineering from Full Sail University. In addition to game development, Matthew also enjoys creative writing, having written and published several novels in a variety of genres.

Sam is the creative director and artist for the team. With way too many creative outlets, she is always drawing, painting, or crafting something. Sam has over ten years of graphic design experience and for the last seven has been working in concept design in multiple industries. With degrees in Graphic Design and Advertising as well has skills in concept art, 3D modeling, digital painting, and illustration, Sam offers a wide variety of assets to the team.

Rounding out the Puddledock team is Sydney and Odin who are strict enforcers of break time, lunch time, and nap time.


Matthew Milson and Samantha Milson
Sydney Puddledock Games
Odin Puddledock Games